Jeunesse pulls a Donald Trump

In an ever-growing drive to reach $1 billion in sales, Jeunesse Global is hungrily eating up smaller companies, Warren Buffet-style.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the famous business tycoon, Mr. Buffet built his empire by gobbling up smaller companies he believe in, folding them into his brilliant empire to run under his own direction.  Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s umbrella company, owns the following familiar brands:

  • Dairy Queen
  • Heinz
  • See’s Candies
  • Brooks
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Benjamin Moore
  • The Pampered Chef® (yes, he even owns a direct marketing company)

Jeunesse, taking a cue from Buffet, recently snapped up a company they held in high regard: MonaVie.

Why Jeunesse Grabbed MonaVie

MonaVie was once larger than life: larger, in fact, than Jeunesse is right now (largely in part of instantly ageless).  They made it to the “three comma club”, meaning their sales topped a billion dollars.  The winning products were made from a unique blend of fruit and vegetable juices and sold in powder, concentrate, and purée forms.  They were marketed as energy drinks, dietary supplements, and diet aids.  There was also a certified kosher line of juices.

The juice products were solid but the management was not.  Hence, earlier this year MonaVie faced foreclosure on a $182 million note owed to a Florida company.  The problems they faced included uneven distribution of proceeds, false claims about the juice’s health benefits, and mismanagement of funds.

But the product was still good, so Jeunesse saw an opportunity and scooped up the ailing company.  The debt was removed by Jeunesse but details of the integration process have not yet been released.  The plan?  It will most likely will be to fold the juice drinks into the Jeunesse family of wellness products, which are distributed and marketed under the wiser management of Jeunesse execs.

What the future holds

Whether the current list of 19 MonaVie products will be sold via current Jeunesse channels or if a separate selling platform will be created for the MonaVie line of products is yet to be seen.

Currently, the only online remnants of the MonaVie company are informational pages about the drinks.  All MonaVie corporate pages have been removed.  In fact, if you try and visit, you are redirected to Interesting, almost as if they’re trying to use some Grant Cardone omniscient marketing tactics.

They are calling this a “global integration process” and at the moment both Jeunesse and MonaVie are operating as usual.  For example, MonaVie’s new brand (called “mynt™”) is still on schedule to be rolled out by Jeunesse this summer (1).

In the eyes of Jeunesse execs, this is the final and much-needed step towards membership in the three-comma club they’re so actively targeting this year.

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