Full Review Of New Empower Network Products

This Empower Network review will cover the latest updates in store for this ambitious venture started by two inspired men who weren’t afraid to take a risk. And you shouldn’t either, as a young student finishing their thesis, you should be thinking about your future.

The Empower Network is undergoing significant changes – improved payment processing, more professional training, and new product roll outs.

Many times, when talking about affiliate marketing, it is not a good idea to think of it in isolated terms.

empower network businessOne of the primary things that came across for me throughout our last meeting is the fact that despite the many challenges that were thrown at the Empower Network every since its inception, the co-founders, aren’t quitting on us and they do not want us to give up, either.

They stated that now will be the time for us to become on each and every call and to watch every video that they release from now until the relaunch.

I met 1 these co-founders a few years ago in Indianapolis during a conference for a different opportunity that we were involved in. I was a member of his team.

My impression of this man back then was that he was an approachable guy (a bit crazy), with an extraordinary vision, undeniable know-how of what it takes to become efficient in online marketing, and a great deal of compassion.

Empower Network Insights

They both reminded us what the Empower Network (EN) is about. Allow me to elaborate:

  1. EN is concerning the small guys which are just getting started on-line.
  2. EN is really an unified effort of individuals helping individuals be much more successful in business.
  3. EN is about thinking how we are able to better serve each other.
  4. EN helps people who’ve never made money on-line in their lives be able to do so without having to be a guru.

I believe the above thoughts and tips must be taken into account in any discussion on affiliate marketing. They are by no means all there is to learn as you will easily discover.

The Empower Network ran into challenges early on, like many start-up companies do.

We had:

–Merchant account issues – No one was ready for the number of merchants that were getting started every day as part of our network. The co-founders had to scramble for an answer, as the provider choices failed twice.

–Server issues – Nobody was ready for the overload of traffic, as members were joining faster than anyone imagined they would.

Yet, we did not just survive all this. We thrived through it all.

So, the co-founders have fixed the server issues (as they reinvested their earnings back into the company), and they have discovered an answer to the merchant account issues encountered by the Empower Network.

They’ve just finished a system integration, and they are sure that this will be a sustainable payment model. We had been told that there will still be 100% commissions, because the company will absorb the risk of processing payments.

They have developed a solution called “e-wallet” that is much like PayPal.

There will be none of the resistance to getting people started, and we will have the ability to grow faster internationally.

Furthermore, the co-founders say we’ll discover:

  1. How to get “sticky” visitors.
  2. How you can build a team that desires to join with you for years.
  3. How to use blogging to attract a big audience.
  4. How to use this blogging platform to sell any service.

They are convinced that if we implement the training, we’ll get excellent outcomes. Judging from the high quality of the training presently accessible in the Empower Network, I’d concur.

This is a very exciting time at Empower Network.

As I said earlier, the clear message is the fact that the leaders will not quit, and they are encouraging us not to quit.

They could have packed up in the beginning when they 1st ran into problems with server capacity and merchant solutions for the Empower Network, but they are still walking with us on this journey.

Not everything you find about affiliate marketing will be helpful all the time, and that is where your good groundwork will make a difference. We all have found information through search that is not 100% trustworthy.

Let’s make this year the very best year of our lives!

Join us in this Empower Network movement.

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